Welcome to Curacao! Bon Bini to Curacao!

Discover Curacao's best kept secret! Go back in time and feel the Mesoamerican energy that flows through L'Aldea. L'Aldea is the newest attraction on the island that will astonish you with dozens of Mayan, Aztec and Inca sculptures, carvings and murals. Not only will you see these wonderful pieces of art made by 5 famous Taino (Cuban Indians) artists, but you will also smell and feel the presence of our Caribbean, South and Central American ancestors from the moment you step inside.

You will be guided on an approximately 90 minute tour of 45.000 square feet of rainforest, temple ruins, ponds and pyramids. Step right into an Indian village (aldea) deep in the Amazon jungle and stand 3 feet away from the Shaman preparing his men for their next hunt. Feel the family connection of this indigenous tribe while you're taking pictures in the middle of their aldea before the arrival of the foreign dominating cultures from Europe.

Enter into the mystical caves and sense the presence of their spirits performing maya rituals. Enrich your mind by gaining knowledge about their way of life, their habitat, the animals and mystical world. See the animals that shared their world and become aware of what they meant to them. More than 130 species of live animals will bring the past to life.

We pride ourselves on a clean environment for our guests and our animals. So, please take only pictures and leave only footprints.


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